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How our parents are using Big Little Moments

Babies and toddlers are growing and learning every day and the little moments you share can make a big difference.

Our Big Little Moments campaign is all about showing parents and carers how even the smallest interaction can help with their baby’s development. Such as sharing a story together, using loving words and making time to play. From morning time to bedtime, waiting for the bus to playing together, every moment is a chance to help build a child’s brain.

In this video we’ve brought together some of our Better Start Bradford families to talk about how they share their special big little moments with their little ones.

Children’s brains are a lot like ropes, they are made of many different strands. Three of these strands are how they learn to talk, how they feel, and how they make friends. Every time you talk to a child, or respond to them, you’re helping these strands grow strong. And the stronger each strand is, the stronger their brain will be overall. All these little moments you share add up to something much bigger, giving children the skills they need to develop into healthy, bright adults.

There’s also a lovely family of characters bringing all these messages to life. Please see the short videos here:

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