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Parents in the Lead

Parents in the Lead activities fund

Parents in the Lead activities fund is designed to help parents run activities for their and other families expecting babies or with children under four, in the Better Start Bradford area (Bowling, Barkerend, Bradford Moor and Little Horton).

We are particularly interested to hear from parents who are not currently involved in local activities for babies and children, to support them to organise activities. The majority of those benefiting from this fund must be families expecting babies or children under four and their parents.

All activities will be in line with our vision.

Parents includes dads, mums and grandparents and also families expecting a baby.

Who’s it for? Smaller parent and community led organisations in the Better Start Bradford area can apply. The majority of those benefiting from this fund must be families expecting babies or children under four and their parents.

How much funding is available? You can apply once a year for a maximum of £2,000. However we expect the usual amount the activities fund will give is £500.

What type of activities will be funded? Activities should:
– Contribute towards the social and emotional development of babies and toddlers (under four)
– Develop communication and language in babies and toddlers (under four)
– Improve nutrition and health in babies and toddlers (under four)

Examples of activities that could be run include: activities for dads and their young children, activities involving grandparents, activities involving groups of sisters and brothers, playgroups, growing and outdoor activities, baby sign language classes.

Please check the guidance notes to see what activities are fundable and what we cannot fund.

How do you apply for funding from the Parents in the Lead activities fund? There is a quick, simple application form which parents (and those supporting them) complete to tell us about your ideas and what these will cost.
Parents in the lead – activities fund – application form
Parent in the Lead application guidance notes

What are the deadlines to receive applications in 2018?
– Friday 31 August 2018
– Friday 30 November 2018

How are decisions made? Decisions are made by a selection panel, which includes local parents, who will look at all the applications and choose the best ideas for local families with children under four to enjoy.  All activities will be in line with our vision.

How can parents get involved in the selection panel? There is a simple application form for parents to complete to express an interest in getting involved.

How to find out more: To find out more, or if you have any questions as you complete your application, please contact our family and community engagement team on 01274 723146.
Selection panel information leaflet
Selection panel application form

Who has already successfully applied:

Parents in the Lead April 2017 announcement

Parents in the Lead June 2017 announcement

Parents in the Lead September 2017 announcement

Parents in the Lead December 2017 announcement

Parents in the Lead May 2018 announcement

Date Awarded Group Project Award Description
Apr-17 BD4 Family Eco Babies £500.00 A 10-week project, delivered by a grandparent, to work with parents and children encouraging them to learn about planting and care for their own fruit and vegetables.
Apr-17 Community Works Ladybird Group £1,560.00 Stay and play sessions for under twos (a 36-week project, term time only)
Apr-17 Relax Time, Wellbeing Group Wellbeing Group £500.00 Sharing skills of relaxation for parents and grandparents with children under five, including massage, breathing and calm down techniques, bedtime soothing routines.
Jun-17 St Stephen’s Primary School Getting Active £1,812.80 A range of weekly activities to encourage parents to get active with their children. Sessions will include: Toddler Zumba, swimming and horse riding.
Jun-17 Feversham Primary Academy Nursery Music Bonding and child development £1,066.64 Musical bonding sessions for mothers and their babies using the Kodaly Methodology. This method uses traditional folk songs and fosters musicality, self-confidence and social interaction.
Jun-17 St Stephen’s Primary School Families and Schools Together (FAST) £1,429.00 FAST project will kick start toddlers’ education by offering a range of monthly family learning activities to complement the school curriculum including puppet making, planting a fairy garden and sensory play.
Jun-17 Killinghall Parents and Friend Association Under Fours Play Outdoors £699.50 The creation of a safe and enabling outdoor environment for the toddler group. The toddlers will plant, grow and learn about the food chain.
Jun-17 NESSIE Better Engaged Shared Treasure (BEST) £1,590.00 Working with single mums in a diverse area of Bradford, the project will encourage mums to develop activities for children to increase their confidence and improve parenting skills. Activities will centre around language and communication, health and well-being and social and emotional development.
Jun-17 Gambian Ladies £560.00 A six-week programme for mums and children with limited English who find it hard to get involved in local services. Activities will include a library tour, a nature session and a farm visit.
Jun-17 BD5 Dads and Kids Dads and kids stay and play sessions £2,000.00 Working with 20-30 dads, the stay and play sessions will introduce the dad to a variety of educational opportunities on parenting. The project will help build strong bonds between dads/male carers and their children.
Jun-17 Mortimer House Dads Swim and Play sessions £1,200.00 With the help of a personal instructor, dads and their young children will be able to combine swimming lessons and playful bonding at Delius School over a period of 10 weeks.
Sep-17 St John’s Bowling Hub Dishy Dads £600.00 This healthy eating six-week course will bring together dads to learn how to cook healthy meals from scratch confidently for their children. It will also give the dads access to a support network of local dads.
Sep-17 Womenzone Mamas and Papas Lullabies £795.00 This intergenerational project will bring together older women ‘grannies’ and young mums and their under fours. The mums will learn traditional lullabies from the ‘grannies’ and together they will do craft activities, gardening, growing fruit and vegetables and making picture frames.
Sep-17 Thornbury Play & Learn Nursery Thornbury Tots £1,882.95 Parents will run a 12-week toddler group based on ideas from parents at coffee mornings. At each session there will be learning and development opportunities for parents as well as lots of fun activities for the children.
Sep-17 New Beginnings Bumps and babies Under Fours Play Outdoors £1,274.00 This asylum and refugee mums group will provide weekly baby signing and singing sessions for mums and babies. There will also be storytelling for toddlers, brought to life with supporting craft activities.
Sep-17 Russell Street Day Nursery Extra curricular nursery trips £1,590.00 A group of parents, whose young children attend the nursery, would like to do activities together once the nursery ‘day’ has ended. The aim is for the nursery children to be more active outside of nursery hours by using local green spaces for a variety of activities such as Teddy Bear picnics, educational trips, and visits to a local community orchard.
Dec-17 Canterbury Nursery School Forest School for Parents and Children at Canterbury Nursery School £980.00 Through training, parents will be able to develop and understand the benefits of children learning, playing and discovering within a natural environment. Once trained they will be able to run forest school sessions for families with children under 4 at Canterbury Nursery School.
Dec-17 Canterbury Nursery School Balance Bike Event £450.00 Becycling, a cycle training organisation, will be coming into the heart of the Canterbury community. They will work with parents to teach parents/carers and their young children to exercise and cycle safely together.
Dec-17 Community Works New Arrival Group £760.00 The New Arrival Group will be putting on a variety of activities for parents, grandparents, carers and their little ones. Activities will include Cook and Eat sessions and arts and craft activities.
Dec-17 Burnett Fields Community Centre Breast Feeding Group Breastfeeding Bag £410.00 This project will provide a breastfeeding ‘bag’ to all breastfeeding mums to support and encouarge them to continue breastfeeding their babies. The ‘bag’ will include many useful items including re-useable breast pads, a colourful silicone band to help mums remember which side they last fed from and treats for the mum.
Dec-17 St John’s Bowling Hub Culture Comforts £250.00 This culturally diverse group will come together, with their children and share activities from their different cultural backgrounds including cooking, games, sports and stories.
Dec-17 MUMS at Madni Centre MUMS (Mothers United to Motivate and Support £1,420.00 Local mothers, grandmothers and carers and their children will have access to a weekly coffee morning session. The sessions will also be used to discuss different topics linked to healthy attachment and child development. Professionals will be invited in to lead discussions where appropriate.

Parents in the Lead is one of more than 20 projects being provided by Better Start Bradford for pregnant women and families with children under four in Little Horton, Bowling and Barkerend and Bradford Moor.