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Family Nurse Partnership

Family Nurse Partnership

Home visiting by specially-trained nurses to support teenage first time parents, young mums and their children, with health, wellbeing and self-sufficiency

Family Nurse Partnership project provides support through home-visiting for:

  • First-time teenage mums.
  • Some young mums between 20-24 years where extra support would be helpful.

The Family Nurse works with the young mum and their partner from pregnancy until the first child is at least one year of age. This can be extended to when the child reaches two years of age if required.

A small team of specially-trained and supervised nurses follow the Family Nurse Partnership programme to provide the home visits. They aim to build strong, trusting relationships with the young mums they support.

The project aims to:

  • help young mums improve their health and the health of their unborn baby during pregnancy
  • Improve young children’s health and development by helping their parents to provide consistent, competent care, so each child is more able to be happy and reach their potential.
  • Support young parents (mums and dads) to plan and consider their future, such as by making arrangements to finish their education and find employment.

The project is part of the Family Nurse Partnership programme which is offered in different parts of the country. It was already established in Bradford, but Better Start Bradford is extending it to ensure all first-time teenage mums, and some mums between the age of 20-24 years in the Better Start Bradford area can access it.

Who will benefit? First-time teenage mums, and other first-time mums up to and including 24 years of age where extra support would be helpful, and their partners, in the Better Start Bradford area.

Where and when is it delivered? Support is provided through home visits, which are weekly, fortnightly or monthly, depending on the stage the mum is at in her pregnancy or after having her baby.

Who provides it? A small team of specially trained and supervised nurses.

How do families register? Young pregnant women who are eligible will be referred automatically onto the project by their midwife, GP or health visitor. However, they can also self-refer or be referred in by other individuals or organisations. If you want to talk to someone about this to get more information or you want to be referred, please contact Edwina Lintin or Julie Brice on 01274 323321 or [email protected].

More information:

The Nurse Family Partnership was developed in the USA by Professor David Olds as an intensive home visiting programme by nurses, based on evidence, to improve the health, well-being and self-sufficiency of first time parents and their children. It was renamed Family Nurse Partnership when adapted for the UK.

Evidence suggests that Family Nurse Partnership can deliver a range of benefits for children’s development and life chances, including improved school readiness and emotional and behavioural development. 

Better Start Bradford is working with researchers at its own Innovation Hub, and the Dartington Social Research Unit, to further improve our understanding of how teenage parents can be best supported for the benefit of their children.

Family Nurse Partnership is one of more than 20 projects being provided by Better Start Bradford for pregnant women and families with children under four in Little Horton, Bowling and Barkerend and Bradford Moor.