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Being a parent in the lead of decision making

Samina Begum, 48, is one of our Parents in the Lead Activities Fund panel members. Collectively with other parent panel members, she has made decisions on funding for almost £30,000 for 30 projects in the Better Start Bradford area.

Samina’s Story

I was already volunteering with HENRY as a Parent Champion and I love the fact that Better Start Bradford empowers parents to be the decision makers. Becoming a Parents in the Lead panel member was a great opportunity for me to help make the decisions about what the community wants and needs.

I love the really simple activity ideas, like visiting places of interest that are not locally accessible such as museums or activities such as swimming lessons for parents and their children. It is really special when you get to visit a project and see first-hand the difference that they are making to the community.

The application form is straight forward for parents and carers and I would recommend that applicants keep it short and simple, think how the children will be involved and make use of the support of Better Start Bradford staff.

Being a panel member is a great opportunity to support groups directly to deliver lots of fantastic activities in the community. It was a little daunting at first but Sheila and Lizzie at Better Start Bradford have been great at supporting the panel and we are developing in lots of different ways.

Better Start Bradford would love to hear from you if you are interested in becoming a panel member like Samina. We have an information session on 7 September 2018, if you want to find out more about becoming a panel member.

We also have lots of other volunteering opportunities within the Better Start Bradford family of projects.

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